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How can I help make shared custody work?

Being awarded joint custody is not uncommon these days. Many relationships between parents are better due to the various ways in which the two parties can communicate. Even if there are differences and disagreements, it's important to put those aside to make the joint custody arrangement a successful one. So, what can you do to make shared custody work?

You must refrain from speaking ill of the other parent when your children are present. If you do have something bad to say you need to bite your tongue and talk about it with someone else. Speaking poorly about the other parent in front of your children will only cause them to look at you differently.

Be realistic and honest with yourself when the time comes to make a parenting schedule with the other parent. Don't try to hog all of the time with your children and then wind up missing events and other special occasions because of work or a doctor's appointment.

Come to a mutual agreement on how the two of you will communicate. You don't ever have to speak face to face but you still need to communicate effectively. This can be done using email, text, phone calls or other chat options.

Review the child custody agreement periodically to see if it needs to be updated. It could need revising due to a change in employment, a change in residence or because your children are getting older.

Shared custody is a blessing for many parents, especially those who work full-time and live close in proximity to each other. By utilizing the tips outlined in this post you and the other parent can make sure that the shared custody relationship goes off without a hitch.

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